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Mainstream support for Windows Phone 8.1 has ended
By Thom Holwerda, submitted by nej_simon on 2017-07-12 13:36:56

If you're still rocking a handset running Windows Phone 8.1, it is important to note that mainstream support for the operating system is ending tomorrow, as Microsoft previously announced. Prior to the availability of Windows 10 Mobile for select handsets, the last major update to Windows Phone 8.1 was Lumia Denim, which started rolling out way back in December 2014.

A select number of handsets can get Windows 10 Mobile, but the vast majority of users (about 80%) are running Windows Phone 8.1.

So, headlines that state Windows Phone died yesterday are clickbait - but only because Windows Phone died years ago.

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Broken promises
By avgalen on 2017-07-13 09:05:50
Microsoft was always planning on moving everyone from 8.1 to 10 on phone, just like they did on the desktop. All you were going to need was a phone that was capable of running Windows 10 mobile (enough diskspace for the upgrade and enough RAM) which would allow about 80% to make the transition.
Then the Nokia deal was written off entirely and suddenly only a handful of phones got the upgrade path from 8.1 to 10. This list of supported phones recently got even shorter because some phones are left at the 1607 upgrade.

I am one of the lucky people that has enjoyed a whole bunch of upgrades and still love my 1520. My 1020 is now my sons toy and still plays the games he likes. The app-gap has never bothered me and my phone still feels fast, takes good pictures and lasts 4 days on the battery. But I started to receive messages from my banking app that it will not get updated anymore and Microsoft has clearly shown that nothing new is coming for my phone. Their own latest phones are > 1.5 year old although they promised at that time to release 3-6 new phones per year.

* Windows Phone hardware ... stopped years ago
* Windows Phone OS ... stopped today
* Windows Phone apps ... there was never a mountain, and the hill is eroding

* Windows Mobile hardware ... stopped 18 months ago unless you count the HP Elite X3 (too niche) or are still dreaming about the Surface Phone
* Windows Mobile OS ... seems to have gone into maintenance since 1703 because even on the insider rings nothing interesting is happening
* Windows Mobile Apps ... Sharing code with the desktop hasn't really helped to improve the UWP platform. Centennial apps don't run ... Older Windows Phone apps are disappearing ...

Or to summarize all of that detailed analysis: Yes, Windows Phone is dead...but I like my zombie too much to let it go. Other phones just haven't convinced me to spend a pile of money yet
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RE: Thank you for a stable and fast platform
By Sidux on 2017-07-13 09:38:19
My family still uses Windows Phones.
Started out with Lumia 520 and moved to 640 XL mostly due to having a bigger screen and better point and shoot camera.
The amount of questions I get from them regarding how things work is minimal comparing to Android at the same price point.
Still it is end of life for 8.1 and looking at how services are being migrated to Android / iOS (basic ones for paying your bills, raising question to support, buying tickets), this will no longer be a valid option in future.
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RE[2]: To me...
By acobar on 2017-07-13 13:44:37
> Windows Phone was pretty good actually
Line me in, I still use one. After it dies I will see what is on offer. I mainly use it for whatsup, hear music when commuting and, gasp, phone calls. Indeed, no hurry.
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RE[3]: Doesn't matter much
By shotsman on 2017-07-14 07:54:20
In fairness, hardly anyone knows anyone who owns a Windows Phone AND uses it anymore

There fixed it for you

I know plenty of people who got Luminas but the experience soon dulled and they abandonded ship and went back to Android or iOS.
Now that the range of phone hardware running Windows 10 is even more limited there reaction is 'why bother'.

IMHO, MS are flogging a dead horse here. A shame really but they were just far too late to market despite the H/W being pretty good at times their lukewarm commitment to it clearly shone through despite their ads, promos etc.
How many people bought certain models of Lumina on the understanding that they'd get Windows 10 only to find later that MS had changed their mind.
People have long memories.
Personally it is time for MS to give up hoping that they would have even more than low single digits of market share and call it a day.

The Tiles worked ok on a phone. I really, really, really hate them on a non-touch desktop. Again MS is just being stubborn here. They want everyone to use a Touch interface. It ain't gonna happen. There is no way I'd want my fingers anywhere near my two 4K screens.
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RE[3]: Doesn't matter much
By bassbeast on 2017-07-16 19:59:21
My wife has the Lumia 640 and frankly its a great OS, IDK why more people didn't give it a try. the phone has GREAT battery life, decent camera, good screen, and most importantly everything is laid out logically so even someone like her who isn't tech savvy can instantly find where they need to go without assistance.

The texting prediction is better, Cortana is miles ahead of whatever they call the android version as even with a bunch of external noise it gets it right about 90% of the time, all in all its been a great phone and the only way i see her getting rid of it is if we find a deal on a Windows 10 phone with a better camera as 8Mp is okay but not great. But as a daily driver? Honestly its a heck of a lot easier to use her phone on the go than my Android 5.1, especially one handed.
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