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Android 8.0 gets "streaming OS updates"
By Thom Holwerda on 2017-08-07 20:16:57

When you get that "out of space" error message during an update, you're only "out of space" on the user storage partition, which is just being used as a temporary download spot before the update is applied to the system partition. Starting with Android 8.0, the A/B system partition setup is being upgraded with a "streaming updates" feature. Update data will arrive from the Internet directly to the offline system partition, written block by block, in a ready-to-boot state. Instead of needing ~1GB of free space, Google will be bypassing user storage almost entirely, needing only ~100KB worth of free space for some metadata.

I promise not to make some snide remark about Android's update mess.

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RE[5]: Comment by tidux
By Licaon_Kter on 2017-08-09 12:57:53
The article says: "Update data will arrive from the Internet directly to the offline system partition"

What did I misunderstood exactly?

Do you have more info? Links?

Feel free to actually explain your "nope"
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RE: Thom: what about Project Treble?
By bassbeast on 2017-08-09 19:43:56
Dude you know how many NEW devices are still being sold with KitKat? Go look on amazon and have your hopes crushed like a bug at getting rid of KitKat anytime soon.

BTW I hope you really like supporting Lollipop as that looks like the next Android version they are gonna pump out for years, going to several phone stores with my wife I noticed that many of them had frankly insane amounts of new phones running 5.1.

IDK if its device drivers, ease of support, or what but it seems like the OEMs lock onto one version of Android and then just skip 2-3 releases before moving up to the next release and repeating the process.
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RE[6]: Comment by tidux
By tidux on 2017-08-09 20:27:01
The "offline" system partition refers specifically to the partition not currently in use by the running OS.
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RE: Comment by sarreq
By zlynx on 2017-08-09 23:11:27
So many people seem to think this is a simple file download and instantly find problems with it.

What makes you think Google didn't already think of those problems?

The phone isn't going to boot from the updated partition until it has verified the new downloaded image is correct.

Why would anyone think that it would?
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RE[7]: Comment by tidux
By CATs on 2017-08-10 06:53:27
> The "offline" system partition refers specifically to the partition not currently in use by the running OS.
And now you are disagreeing with yourself. Nice job.
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RE[2]: Comment by sarreq
By CATs on 2017-08-10 06:54:36
Mainly, because people are dumb, but think they are very smart (so smart they outsmarted Google's engineers in few minutes).
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RE[3]: Comment by tidux
By jgfenix on 2017-08-10 20:12:05
Yes, but it has two system partitions. This is how I think it works.
1) System partition A is active. If there is a reboot or power failure it will boot to A.
2) The updater downloads the update and writes to system partition B.
3) After finishing the update B is validated. If the validation fails it's marked as invalid (an the update is attempted again/postponed/it gives an error/A is copied in B/whatever). If it's ok it's marked as valid.
4) It reboots and B is marked as active so it boots to B.
5) The usual Android update (optimizing apps, etc).
6) The system boots up.
7) B is copied in A. A is validated the same as B. If it's a success both partitions are marked as valid.
8) Now the update is finished.

Edited 2017-08-10 20:13 UTC
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