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"The best phone you can buy right now"
By Thom Holwerda on 2017-08-07 20:29:35

The Verge does this thing where they list what they consider to be the best laptop or phone or whatever, and they state the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best phone for most people.

Samsung's Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is the best phone for most people. It's available across all four US carriers and unlocked. It has the best display on any smartphone right now, a head-turning, premium design, a top-of-the-line camera, reliable battery life, and fast performance. Thanks to Samsung's popularity and the support of all four carriers, the S8 also has plenty of accessories, from cases to battery packs to wireless chargers, available to it.

You can definitely make a case for the S8 being the best phone for most people, but personally, I still consider the iPhone to be the best, safest choice for most non-geeky people. Personally, I prefer Android, and for my personal use, iOS on the iPhone is an exercise in frustration - but iOS provides a more consistent, all-around phone experience that remains fairly static from phone to phone, it's a little simpler to grasp than Android, and Apple has an excellent support system in many countries that's far better than Samsung's hands-off let-the-reseller-handle-it approach.

I wonder - what do any of you consider the best phone for most people? If one of your non-geeky family members seeks your advice, which phone do you suggest they get?

The Verge named the Surface Laptop the best laptop, which I find a baffling choice. It's new and unproven, so we have no idea how it'll hold up over the next few years. An odd choice for sure.

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Car analogy
By Neil on 2017-08-08 03:43:49
This is like arguing over whether the best car for most people is a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, when in fact it's actually something like a Ford Fiesta.
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best for "most"??
By sergio on 2017-08-08 06:16:34
most people can't afford a $700+ phone...
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S3 is the best phone you can buy right now!
By codifies on 2017-08-08 06:26:37
removable battery and sd card, standard sized extended battery gets 4-5 days of use without google framework (also without googles framework you get enhanced privacy)

Installing LinageOS ensures your OS is bang up to date and includes Googles monthly security updates.

You can pick the S3 up for almost 10% the price of the S8

so NO the S8 is NOT the best phone you can buy right now!
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By CATs on 2017-08-08 06:41:55
Just why would you link to such things that are obviously nothing more than an advertisement disguised as an "article"?
Or are you one of those people who take such articles (and such websites as "The Verge") seriously?
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RE: Apple == expensive
By Kochise on 2017-08-08 07:32:08
3.5mm jack ? Replaceable battery ?
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RE: Nokia
By fkooman on 2017-08-08 07:48:56
Do you have any idea until when updates are guaranteed by Nokia?

I read at least about the Nokia 3 that there are some issues with MediaTek so they can't even get Android 7.1.1, or any of the security updates after May.

Does not look promising, even though the Nokia 5 uses different chip(s), it shows lack of commitment or ability to provide updates over the longer term. Will be true for the Nokia 5 as well in a few months/years...
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iPhone is the best phone for me
By Alex Hitech on 2017-08-08 08:01:45
I've used several Android phones, then bought an iPhone and realized how much iPhone is better than the others. Its simple, logical, elegant, clean system with nice hardware. Even the absence of filesystem which frustrates many people I see as a feature: as a user, I don't need to know how the information is stored in my phone, and database is much more logical then files (Be File System anyone?) It surely is expensive, but it's worth every penny of its price.

I'm moving all of the eco-system in my home to Apple. iPads, Apple TVs (currently has two), iPhones, Power Mac G4 MDD as a side computer, HomeKit-supported devices for the "smart house", — you name it, chances are I have it. My next main computer will be the Mac Pro. The price is high, but I still see it worthy.
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RE[2]: Apple == expensive
By Alex Hitech on 2017-08-08 08:03:04
Every iPhone 7 comes with a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter. The battery is replaceable, it just takes special tools to open the case.
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Sure thing
By Bringbackanonposting on 2017-08-08 08:28:46
$1000aud phones. No thanks. Crack that S8 edge screen and it's in the bin.
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RE[2]: Nokia
By gedmurphy on 2017-08-08 08:39:25
I think updates are guaranteed for 2 years, and I believe android O will be arriving shortly after Google release it. Perhaps even before the the Nexus phones get it.

It's still early days for the europeans, but the Asians have said updates have been very regular.

The wife has a Nokia 3 for a few weeks now, and that's already had an update. I believe 7.1.1 i due in august. The Nokia 5 & 6 are already running 7.1.1

So far, I'm really impressed with HMD. Vanilla android and regular updates are the the android phones I've been waiting for. I'm gonna get the 5 later this month.

Edited 2017-08-08 08:43 UTC
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