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Disabling the Intel Management Engine
By Thom Holwerda on 2017-10-10 23:45:15

The Intel Management Engine ('IME' or 'ME') is an out-of-band co-processor integrated in all post-2006 Intel-CPU-based PCs. It has full network and memory access and runs proprietary, signed, closed-source software at ring -2, independently of the BIOS, main CPU and platform operating system - a fact which many regard as an unacceptable security risk (particularly given that at least one remotely exploitable security hole has already been reported).

In this mini-guide, I'll run through the process of disabling the IME on your target PC.

Apparently, the IME co-processor runs... MINIX 3. That is incredibly fascinating. This means every post-2006 Intel PC runs MINIX.

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Does this mean...
By jockm on 2017-10-11 00:00:34
Minix 3 is the most popular x86 Operating System?
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Interesting process but ...
By shotsman on 2017-10-11 05:25:31
this is certainly not for everyone. I'm sure that if you follow the steps perfectly you may do it but TBH, it seem an awful lot more trouble than it is worth.
I suspect that only the most paranoid or who work for the various TLA's around the world will bother.

For the average punter? I don't see any compelling reason to do this (at the moment)

But... it was interesting to find out that it can be done.
Thanks Thom.
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MINIX link
By zdzichu on 2017-10-11 05:34:38
Do read second link carefully. MINIX is used after PCH 100 series overhaul. It was released in 2015.
So it is not true that every post-2006 Intel PC has Minix inside.
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RE: Does this mean...
By Brendan on 2017-10-11 06:20:06

> Minix 3 is the most popular x86 Operating System?

Popularity implies people had a choice. For example; you can't say that Minix 3 is the most hated/least popular OS just because nobody wants Intel's management engine.

- Brendan
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RE[2]: Does this mean...
By Kochise on 2017-10-11 06:55:46
Is Windows the most popular operating system ?
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RE[3]: Does this mean...
By The123king on 2017-10-11 07:17:15
I'd say yes for x86-based platforms. Outside of that, maybe not so much
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Minix and Qt
By Carewolf on 2017-10-11 11:27:45
I would love to see the IME code.. It is probably full of scary crap, but it sounds so fascinating.
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Linux depends on MINIX to run!
By moondevil on 2017-10-11 11:53:35
Oh the irony.....
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Comment by Sidux
By Sidux on 2017-10-11 12:20:25
Curious if AMD's TrustZone runs something similar as well. it's ARM based ..

Edited 2017-10-11 12:20 UTC
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Comment by jing
By jing on 2017-10-11 13:33:32
> This means every post-2006 Intel PC runs MINIX.

No. ThreadX until Skylake (IME v11)

So every post-2015 Intel PC runs MINIX.
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