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Android P apps crash silently instead of showing dialogs
By Thom Holwerda on 2018-05-13 15:33:53

Among all the new additions to Android P including new navigation gestures, Slices API, and new biometrics API, there are some other changes which may also be impactful in a more subtle way. One of these is the removal of App Not Responding (ANR) dialogue boxes for foreground apps. The ANR dialogue appears when something is preventing the main UI thread from responding. When this happens in Android Oreo or below, the ANR dialogue is shown to the user to let them know. Now, in Android P, the application will just crash without any kind of notification for the user.

You know how some people will insist that iOS applications are more stable than Android applications? That's because on iOS, when applications crash, they just... Vanish. No dialog, no notification, nothing. Android will now be adopting the same behaviour, which, while less informative, does remove a silly dialog that you couldn't really do anything useful with anyway.

Good move. Dialogs you can't take any actions with are useless.

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Comment by M.Onty
By M.Onty on 2018-05-14 19:02:38
> Dialogs you can't take any actions with are useless.
I'm ignorant, as I've not owned many Smartphones, and tend not to run many apps on the one I do own, a Blackberry, thus cannot remember crash behaviour.

However, surely the point of a crash dialogue box is always to alert the user that they might have lost data, or might need to restart the app, no? Its information you can choose to act on be restarting it or going into a blind panic about losing something important.

As I say, this is from someone who doesn't actually know how apps on Android or iOS really work. So I am interested. Why would it be OK to casually ignore crashing applications?

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RE: Stupid
By kurkosdr on 2018-05-16 00:29:00
> On Error Resume Next....

A stupid solution to shitty software: just pretend everything is fine and the user doesn't need to know something went wrong.

Not to mention that on slow phones (or on when there is lots of syncing going on in the background) your foreground app may have its main activity "not respond" for a while. Up until now you could just allow the application to continue using the relevant option in the App Not Responding dialog (yes, that dialog has a use Thom) now the app will be forcefully killed by the OS without the user being given a choice. Great.

Edited 2018-05-16 00:29 UTC
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