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OSNews XML Feeds

OSNews offers several RSS feeds. Most of these feeds can be customized. All of the below feeds are static feeds. The standard news feed is updated every 10 minutes; all other feeds are created on-demand and then retreived from a static cache for the next 60 minutes.

Standard Feeds

OSNews can be syndicated using our standard RSS feeds:

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Add to Pluck   Subscribe in FeedLounge   Add to Windows Live   Add to NetVibes   Subscribe in Rojo
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Topical Feeds

You can view our RSS feeds by topic. Each topic has a numerical id, which can be appended to this URL:

  • http://osnews.com/feed.php?t={topicid}
where {topicid} is the topic you're looking to syndicate.

News Type Feeds

We provide RSS feeds based on news type as well. The following types are offered:

Author Feeds

If you would like to syndicate stories by a specific author, you can use the following URLs:

User Comment Feeds

Each user has a "user id," which can be found by clicking their username on any comment they leave. You can create a feed of their comments, by loading the following URL:

  • http://osnews.com/userfeed.php?uid={uid}
where {uid} is the user id of the user.
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