Why you should build a Hackintosh

  By Thom Holwerda - Posted on 2018-08-07 22:49:44 UTC at http://OSNews.com

Fast forward 5 years and Apple still doesn't have a solution that satisfies customers that have extensive need for customization and specialized workflows. During the time of trash can Mac Pro, I worked on a 5K iMac, because I really liked the hi-resolution display. But hiding away all those cables was a chore. After Apple showed us the future of professional hardware with the iMac Pro, I was fed up with the situation and I started to investigate the possibility of building my own Hackintosh [https://martinhering.me/post/168710691680/rx-vega-64-hackintosh-for-high-end-video-work]. Putting all the hardware together was the easy part, making macOS work was tough [https://martinhering.me/post/0/everything-thats-wrong-with-hackintosh], but I did it [https://martinhering.me/post/why-you-should-build-a-hackintosh].

I honestly don't believe a 'Hackintosh' is a suitable machine for any mission-critical environment, but if you're willing to deal with the risks and minor headaches, it's a not-as-hard-as-you-think way to get your hands on a very powerful macOS machine for a very reasonable price - with a lot more options and choices than Apple will ever give you, even if you take the hypothetical, vapourware [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaporware] new Mac Pro into account.

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