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Buy Modern Operating Systems at Amazon for less
A true classic from Andrew Tanenbaum. A must-have for every serious operating system developer. BUY at Amazon for less.
Buy Operating Systems - Design And Implementation at Amazon for less
Also from Andrew Tanenbaum, comes complete coverage of operating systems, plus all the design and implementation issues with a complete operating system--MINIX. BUY at Amazon for less.
Buy Operating System Concepts, 6th Edition at Amazon for less
A textbook for an introductory course in operating systems at the advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate level, providing a clear description of the fundamental concepts that underlie operating systems. It assumes familiarity with general computer organization and a high-level language. This edition is revised to include new and updated information, examples, diagrams, and an expanded bibliography. BUY at Amazon for less.
Buy Linux Kernel Development at Amazon for less
Linux Kernel Development details the design and implementation of the Linux kernel, presenting the content in a manner that is beneficial to those writing and developing kernel code. While the book discusses topics that are theoretical, it does so with the goal of assisting programmers so they better understand the topics and become more efficient and productive in their coding. BUY at Amazon for less.
Buy Distributed Operating Systems at Amazon for less
An expanded Part II of Tanenbaum's Distributed Operating Systems, covering material from the original book, including communication, synchronization, processes, and file systems, with new material on distributed shared memory, real-time and fault-tolerant distributed systems, and ATM networks. Contains case studies in Amoeba, Mach, Chorus, and OSF/DCE. This is a serious book. BUY at Amazon for less.
Buy Distributed Systems - Concepts and Design at Amazon for less
This second edition is updated to reflect recent advances in the field. Emphasizes design approaches such as openness, scalability, transparency, reliability, and security, and introduces new technologies including ATM networking, internetworks, multicast protocols, and distributed memory sharing. Includes case studies of networking and interprocess communication, distributed file systems, name services, and replication. BUY at Amazon for less.
Buy Compilers - Principles, Techniques, and Tools at Amazon for less
The one book regarding compiler writing. A great resource and an answer to pretty complex questions. BUY at Amazon for less.
Buy The Indispensable PC Hardware Book at Amazon for less
Now fully up to date and even more comprehensive than before, this latest 4th edition of The Indispensable PC Hardware Book will continue to amaze and delight with its detailed explanation of every aspect of PC hardware. Whether you're a newcomer to the field or a veteran systems programmer you'll relish the very latest scoop on hot topics including Pentium Pro, the PCI Chipset and SCSI III. BUY at Amazon for less.


OSNews Book Reviews

OSNews, frequently, reviews a number of technical books including,
  • "Moving to the Linux Business Desktop By Marcel Gagné" - Reviewed on 2004-10-13

  • "A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux" - Reviewed on 2004-08-10

  • "Two Technical BSD Books Reviewed" - Reviewed on 2004-08-12

  • "Best Damn Windows Server 2003 Book Period" - Reviewed on 2004-03-10

  • "Learning Python" - Reviewed on 2004-07-22

  • "Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager" - Reviewed on 2004-07-26

  • "The Official GNOME 2 Developer's Guide" - Reviewed on 2004-05-25

  • "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, Second Edition" - Reviewed on 2004-05-24

  • "Linux Pocket Guide" - Reviewed on 2004-04-16

  • "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3" - Reviewed on 2004-03-10

  • "Spidering Hacks" - Reviewed on 2004-01-14

  • "Linux Kernel Development" - Reviewed on 2003-11-06

  • "Core Mac OS X and Unix Programming" - Reviewed on 2003-07-16

  • "UNIX Unleashed, Fourth Edition" - Reviewed on 2002-08-11

  • "MultiTool Linux" - Reviewed on 2002-06-07

  • "Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide" - Reviewed on 2002-06-06

  • "Learning Red Hat Linux, 2nd Edition" - Reviewed on 2002-05-06

  • "Understanding Open Source Software Development" - Reviewed on 2002-04-30

  • "Mac OS X Unleashed" - Reviewed on 2002-04-16

  • "MacOSX - The Missing Manual" - Reviewed on 2002-03-12

  • "Programming with Qt, 2nd Edition" - Reviewed on 2002-03-04

  • "Learning Carbon" and "Learning Cocoa" - Reviewed on 2002-02-13

  • "Practical PostgreSQL" - Reviewed on 2002-02-06

  • "FreeBSD Unleashed" - Reviewed on 2002-01-30

  • "Linux System Administration - A User's Guide" - Reviewed on 2002-01-24

  • "Cocoa Programming for MacOSX" - Reviewed on 2002-01-04

  • Resources on how to write your own Operating System
    (These links are a "must see" if you are after OS-related specs, docs etc.)
  • Dark Fiber's extensive OS-FAQ

  • Chris' OS Center

  • Bona Fide OS Development
  • OSDev News

  • Source Code
  • FreeBSD's source code (version 5.x recommended)

  • Linux kernel 2.6 source code

  • Syllable source code (massively multithreaded C++ design)

  • NewOS source code (download the latest version from this modern and clean code-wise kernel)

    Resource links for several mainstream operating systems
  • http://www.redhat.com
  • http://www.linux-mandrake.com
  • http://www.SuSE.com
  • http://www.debian.org
  • http://www.freshmeat.net
  • http://www.sun.com
  • http://www.apple.com
  • http://www.versiontracker.com/
  • http://www.macminute.com
    BeOS & Zeta
  • http://www.ZetaNews.com
  • http://www.BeBits.com
  • http://www.sgi.com
  • http://www.ActiveWin.com
  • http://www.download.com
  • *BSD
  • http://www.bsdforums.org
  • http://www.freebsd.org
  • http://www.netbsd.org
  • http://www.openbsd.org
  • http://syllable.sf.net

  • OS/2
  • http://www.ecomstation.com
    QNX RtP
  • http://www.qnx.com/eval
  • http://www.openqnx.com/
  • http://www.amiga.com
  • http://www.amigaworld.net
  • http://www.SkyOS.org
  • http://ArOS.sf.net
  • http://www.menuetos.org
  • http://www.DailyRotation.com
  • .
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