What are tags?

Well, as they relate to OSGalaxy, they correspond directly to the "Category" in the RSS feeds we publish. If someone creates a post with a category of "Hot Dog," then we have a new tag called "hot_dog."

The following is our current tag cloud:

.forward .net 123 2017 360 500 64-bit 9patch accessibility account acting actioncable actionmailer active_shipping_gem activerecord admin administration admnistration ads ajax alias alice_in_chains allofmp3 amazing amazing_things amazon american_idol analyser analytics android angular angularjs ansible antivirus apache api apple apt art ass_in_the_box assume_from_symbol audio audit austin authorization_failure authorize.net automation automotive awk b5 baby backend backups baseball bash batman bats bcc beatles benchmarks benny beos berlin best_practices biennale big-data bigcouch bigvideo.js birth bitcoin black_helicopters! blog bloglines book_review boots bootstrap brazil browsers brussel brussels bucardo bug bugs business button c ca caching cakephp cakephp_php camino camps case_study catch cell_phones centos cesium check_this_out! cheesy chef chocodile christmas chrome classifiers clients clojure cloud cocoa code collage collectd commonadjust community company computer_vision computing concert conference configuration configuration-management content contenteditable continuous-integration conversion cool cots cpanel cracked crawler cron cryptcat cryptography css cucumber culture customer_service cvs d3 dancer dancer2 data_visualization data-warehouse database databases dbdpg debian decorators defaults dependencies design development devops devtools digg django dns docker dog douche_bag drm drugs e-commerce e-commerce_mysql_credit-cards_postgres ebay ecma6 ecommerce ediff-mode editor education elixir email english entertainment epiphany! error eulogy event facebook family favorites feats film filmmaking fire! firefox flickr flock font food fooooooood forum fries frying_pan functional_programming functional-programming funny games general gis git git_puppet_distributed_development git_version-control_workflow git-push global_warming glusterfs gmail gnomefiles gnu google google_earth government gpg graphics gsm gui gun happy happy_holidays hardware hashref health heroes history home_directory hosting hot-deployment house housewares html html5 https human_factors human_vacation_balance i18n iceape iceweasel ichat ie7 ilife image imagemagick images_actionmap_interchange import in_memoriam in_memory inspiring intelligence interchange iphone ipv6 ipython israel iterview java javascript javascript_audio_mp3_cloud jeep jillian jobs joomla jquery jquery_javascript_interchange json korea lame laptop law link links linux liquid_galaxy liquid-galaxy location lolcats lost love mac mailing_lists malaysia maps meatspace media mediawiki memcached meta metaclasses metaphysics microsoft microsoft_office mike_gravel mmm..._pancakes mobile mobilequo mobility mod_rails mondaylinks money monitoring movies music mwrc my_dream_app mysql nerd_cred netcraft networking new_years news nextstep nginx nigeria nmap nosql nosql_database office ok_go opcode open_source open-source openbsd openssl opera optimization os_x oscommerce osnews osnews_meta ownership parellels passenger_mod_rails_selinux_passengertempdir performance perl perl_data-structures_json perl_funny permissions personal pgcon pgus philosophy phish photo photography photos php picasaweb pictures piggybak pigskin pixelart pl/perl pl/pgsql plugin pn poems politics postfix postgres postgres_conference_opensql_mysql_sqlite_unconfere presentations productivity programming puppet python query_plan question quotations quote quotes radiant rails ramdisk random rant reality_tv recaptcha recipes red_hat red_hat_enterprise_linux redhat regulation religion review rewriterule riak right_on! rspec rtmp ruby ruby-and-ruby-on-rails ruby._sysadmin safari scalability schnauzer science scoble scouts screen scripting search search_engine_optimization security seniornet_design seo separated_at_birth sip slashdot slug small_axe smallaxesolutions smashing_pumpkins smoking social_commentary social_life social_networking social-networking software solutions spam sponsorship sports spree sql sql_view_postgresql ssl state_of_the_union steph_powell strummin superhero sysadmin sysctl tabs talks technology telephony television test testing text_generator the_lost_room the_sopranos thoughts threading tips tips_scalability tls tools trackback_spam training trash travel trey tv tweet tweets twiek ubuntu uncategorized unicode unit_testing unit_tests university unix unix_is_my_ide url_shorteners user_generated_content vacation version-control video_games videos vim virtualenv virtualization vista vpnc we_got_the_beat web_2.0 web_browsers web_development web_hosting websites wedding wii windows windows_home_server wordpress world writing wtf xapian_ferret_ruby_search_plugin yankees yeah_baby! youtube zen zune