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Awesome 2.3 Released
By Thom Holwerda, submitted by Julien Danjou on 2008-05-06 15:00:05
"Awesome is a floating and tiling window manager. It's extremely fast, small, dynamic and awesome. Windows can be managed in several layouts: tiled, maximized, dwindle, spiral, floating... Each layout can be applied on the fly, optimizing the environment for the application in use and the task performed. Managing windows in tiled mode assures that no space will be wasted on your screen. No gaps, no overlap. Other layouts can be used for different purpose. If you do not want to use the tiling management, you can use the floating layout wich will let you organize your windows as you wish, like any other window manager." Version 2.3-final has been released today.

The changelog details the following changes from 2.3-rc2:

  • Fix cache invalidation when swapping clients
  • Fix handling of keycode and keysyms
  • Do not focus new client if current client is maximized
  • Documentation update
  • Fix a bug with UTF-8 strings rendering
  • Fix titlebar map/unmap
  • Allow NULL in command for widgets

The new release will be available in several distributions' repositories, and can of course be downloaded straight away from the download page too.

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