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Canonical Proposes LXD: A Next-generation Hypervisor
By David Adams on 2014-11-05 16:18:06
Take all the speed and efficiency of docker, and turn it into a full virtualisation experience. That's the goal of Canonical's new initiative to create the next big hypervisor around Linux container technologies. Imagine you could launch a new machine in under a second, and that you could launch hundreds of them on a single server. Hundreds! Now, imagine that you have hardware-guaranteed security to ensure that those machines can’t pry or spy on one another. Imagine you can connect them separately and securely to networks. And imagine that you can run that on a single node or a million, live migrate machines between those nodes, and talk to all of it through a clean, extensible REST API. That’s what LXD sets out to deliver. Update: a bit more about LXD from Dustin Kirkland.

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