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SCO-IBM Linux Lawsuit: It's Back!
By David Adams, submitted by Joe on 2015-03-18 15:41:02
SCO, which went bankrupt after an unfavorable ruling four years ago and has auctioned off all of its assets, exists now only as a vehicle for the quixotic lawsuit against IBM for misappropriation of its Unix source code. Apparently, the 2010 ruling left a small opening, because the suit is back. To the extent that they operate at all, the company's leader is now a well-respected former federal judge named Edward Cahn. Officially, he's a Chapter 11 trustee, which means that, in bankruptcy, the company's lenders or investors can appoint someone to oversee a reorganization and essentially direct the company toward activities that will maximize the recovery of the debt. Cahn's sole responsibility is to see if he can wring any money out of SCO's remaining asset (the lawsuit), which means that this circus will continue until the lenders decide that the likelihood of a settlement doesn't justify the legal costs.

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