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The wireless and cable industries sue to kill US net neutrality
By Thom Holwerda on 2015-04-14 21:29:58

The FCC officially published its new net neutrality rules to the Federal Register yesterday, opening the door to legal challenges. Opponents wasted no time. CTIA, the trade association that has represented the wireless industry since 1984, filed a lawsuit with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals today. In a blog post, the group wrote that it intends to push back against "the FCC’s decision to impose sweeping new net neutrality rules and reclassifying mobile broadband as a common carrier utility." The National Cable and Telecommunications Association and the American Cable Association also filed suits along similar grounds.

The blatant and rampant corruption in the US cable/internet/etc. market has been going on long enough. The US' internet is barely better than that of a 3rd world country, and these despicable companies are to blame.

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