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Project Scorpio might be the Xbox's final form: a Windows PC
By Thom Holwerda on 2017-06-08 22:50:25

A small comment from Head of Xbox Phil Spencer was the final bit of news necessary to convince me Microsoft's Project Scorpio will be named Xbox 10 S, and it will serve as a Windows 10 gaming PC built for the living room. I know, that's a big claim - and I don't encourage anyone to gamble on it. But ahead of Microsoft's E3 event on Sunday, I'd like to collect the evidence that Microsoft is eager to put a computer beneath your television.

If true, this could be a great move by Microsoft. Imagine the sales pitch to, say, older high school students and first-year college students: a games console that also servers as a full Windows PC. That's not a bad package.

On a related note - Microsoft's latest preview build for the Fall Creators Update contains a lot of changes for Windows 10.

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