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Qualcomm: Google Chrome is coming to Windows on ARM
By Thom Holwerda on 2018-10-22 18:56:15

One of the downsides of Windows on ARM is the lack of third-party browser - Edge is one of the few choices you have. Sure, you can run x86 browsers through emulation, but preferably, you'd have native options.

One potential solution is an Arm port of Chrome, as opposed to emulating the desktop (x86) version of the browser, but is Qualcomm working on this?

"We are," Qualcomm senior director of product management Miguel Nunes told Android Authority on the sidelines of Arm TechCon. "We're still working with the different OEMs and designs. I expect you'll see it probably around (the) second half of next year. Every OEM will decide whatever their launch timeline is, but we're actively working on it."

I hope more people start building applications for Windows on ARM. I want ARM laptops (and possibly even desktops) to offer credible competition to Intel and AMD.

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