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Additional Info

Username: rcsteiner (user 1785)

Real Name: Richard Steiner

Website: http://www.visi.com/~rsteiner

Contact: rsteiner_at_visi.com

Location: Mableton, GA USA

Joined: 2005-07-12

Status: Active

Bio: BSCS Mankato State 1987. DOS/Windows user since 1988 (MS-DOS 3.3 and Windows/286 2.1), OS/2 and Linux user since 1992 (OS/2 2.0 and SLS 0.99pl6), Mac user since 1993, PC/GEOS user since GWE 1.0, and occasional BeOS and FreeBSD user. Currently 45, happily married, and working as Lead Analyst and Designer for large air transport communications and IT solutions company writing an eclectic mix of C++, Fortran, Perl, and Java code under OS2200, Solaris, and Windows. Actively using OS/2, BeOS, Linux, Windows, Solaris, and OS2200.

Last Active: 2013-04-22

Number of Comments: 790 (398 voted up, 14 voted down)

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