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Additional Info

Username: uridium (user 20137)

Real Name: uridium

Website: http://ns4.reboot.net.au

Contact: http://ns4.reboot.net.au

Location: Sydney/Perth Australia

Joined: 2009-08-20

Status: Active

Bio: Software dev with delusions of hardware dev. Getting there.
Ham radio nut-bucket and enjoy perverting things to perform tasks never intended by the makers. Retro computer restorer, collector and enthusiast.

If it's pdp-11, VAX, AXP, Altair, Commodore, SGI, retro-Apple, Sun, IBM, Fujitsu, NCR, HP .. I'm interested.

Last Active: 2018-01-07

Number of Comments: 116 (74 voted up, 3 voted down)

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