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     1) 'Ghost kanji' lurk in the Japanese lexicon
     2) Software disenchantment
     3) Firefox: changing our approach to anti-tracking
     4) An oral history of 'GoldenEye 007' on the N64
     5) A sound card before its time
     6) Inside the culture of sexism at Riot Games
     7) The dawn of wearable computers
     8) Xbox Adaptive Controller's accessible packaging
     9) Steam's unclear pornography rules hurt small game developers
     10) Game companies need to cut the crap: loot boxes are gambling
     11) A gorgeous guide to the first wave of personal computers
     12) 299 macOS apps are so buggy, Apple fixes them in AppKit
     13) Inside the 76477 Space Invaders sound effect chip
     14) GDPR hysteria
     15) Google Duplex is an AI that makes natural phonecalls
     16) How (and why) we ported Shenzen Solitaire to MS-DOS
     17) The Improbable Origins of PowerPoint
     18) Microsoft shows off its Fluent Design changes to Windows 10
     19) Apple's cash hoard set to top $250 billion
     20) The iPhone feature that lets blind people see with their fingers
     21) Facebook can and should wipe out fake news
     22) The GIF is dead - long live the GIF
     23) Twitter has no obligation to protect your right to free speech
     24) Victorians had the same concerns about technology as we do
     25) Mac App Store: "half-assed"

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